Need wood chips? The San Luis Obispo Corporation Yard's got you covered

Posted at 5:00 PM, Aug 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-17 23:59:06-04
Need wood chips? The San Luis Obispo Corporation Yard's got you covered

The San Luis Obispo Corporation Yard has an excess of wood chips and they are using it as an opportunity to help out locals.

The city Urban Forestry staff offered free loading of wood chips Saturday, August 17 until noon for residents at 25 Prado Rd.\

The event is part of the Closed Loop System, a ten-year green waste recycling program. Under the program, all the green waste produced from pruning, emergencies or storm damaged tress is used for some other purpose.

Locals say the service only happens a few times a year so they really take advantage of it when its offered.

Russell Hodin lives just outside of San Luis Obispo and he says this service helps him keep the plants and trees alive on his property.

He says he uses the wood chips to keep water in the ground around his landscape.

"We use this to keep our trees alive on our property because we have a heavy clay and we lost about 70 percent of our trees during the last drought so this chips putting in wherever there are things growing it helps keep things surviving through the dry months of the year," said Russell Hodin, who picked up wood chips.

Hodin says he is grateful to the city for the service and he looks forward to it every time it's offered.