Post Pandemic changes to SNAPS benefits

Food Stamps
Posted at 4:27 AM, Mar 01, 2023

Nearly 30 million Americans are bracing for a significant cut in their budget to buy food.

The federal government is ending Pandemic-Era food benefits today for low-income families on the "supplemental nutrition assistance program."

18 of the 50 states have already ended the SNAP benefits, which had impacted roughly 12 million Americans.

Today, the rest of the states must follow suit as a result of the jurisdiction.

According to the "center on budget and policy priorities," the average household will lose $95 for groceries, while others may lose hundreds more depending on factors like family size and income.

food prices

The cuts come as food prices remain nearly 10% higher than one year ago due to record inflation.

As a result of the elimination of SNAP benefits, many food banks are trying to meet the increased demand of needs that are now left unfulfilled.

Recipients are appealing to their states to fill the gap from the loss in federal funding.

New Jersey has been the only state to extend the benefits.

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