S Korea: Unidentified person crosses border into North Korea

South Korea Koreas Border Crossing
Posted at 1:23 PM, Jan 02, 2022

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) —

South Korea’s military says an unidentified person has crossed the heavily fortified border into North Korea.

The person was earlier spotted by surveillance equipment at the eastern portion of the border, known as the Demilitarized Zone, but avoided capture by South Korean troops on Saturday night.

The surveillance later detected the person crossing the border. South Korea sent a message to North Korea on Sunday to ensure the safety of the person, but the North has not responded.

In September 2020, North Korea fatally shot a South Korean fisheries official found floating in its waters along a poorly marked sea boundary.

South Korea has said that North Korea troops were under orders to shoot anyone illegally crossing the border to protect against the coronavirus pandemic.