San Luis Obispo County outlines plan to restore Pirate's Cove

Posted at 1:22 PM, Nov 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-11 16:22:30-05

Efforts are underway for Pirate's Cove near Avila Beach to be cleaned up and restored.

San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation Director Nick Franco says that after "talking through with the community, (they) came to the determination that what people want is just it (Pirate's Cove) returned to its natural condition, the way it used to be free of graffiti, free of trash, and have it a safe place for people to go."

Parks and Rec has outlined how it will move forward on maintaining Pirate's Cove.

“Just looking at the parking lot, smoothing it out, not grading, so not digging into it but just adding fill so it can be level on a safe place for people to go, remove all the graffiti, remove all the trash, install trash cans, and then we would have to staff it with a ranger,” Franco says.

Right now with no ranger, the popular beach spot has relied upon volunteers to help with cleanup efforts. The installation of trash and recycling bins along with regular servicing is on the agenda.

The parking lot will also be a priority for restoration.

"We are basically going to bring natural-colored rock material, so really small rocks, and that gets all placed across the top of it and leveled out so it is even with the current road up there,” Franco said.

The next step for Parks and Rec is to get funding. Once approximately $500,000 is secured , they hope to have the project underway by Nov. 2021.