Top viral moments of 2022 Winter Olympics

Top viral moments of 2022 Winter Olympics
Posted at 8:17 PM, Feb 17, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics provided no shortage of viral moments, whether it was a creative outfit or a funny press conference moment.

There were also agonizing moments like crashes, slips and slides. And there were the heartwarming moments that the Olympics are all about.

Here the viral moments that captured the likes and retweets from the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Joker and Harley Quinn take the ice

Germany’s Katharina Mueller and Tim Dieck may have come in last in the rhythm dance of the figure skating team event, but they undoubtedly had the most creative costume choice.

Here is nearly five full minutes of Mueller and Dieck dancing while dressed as Batman villains, Joker and Harley Quinn:

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Slip and slide

Alpine skiers compete on hills that are taller than buildings, so crashes aren’t uncommon. But the “Ice River” giant slalom course at the 2022 Winter Olympics seemed to be especially harsh on even the best skiers in the world.

More than 20 athletes had their runs disrupted, some of them sent flying hundreds of meters down the course.

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Ref catches Kessel's stick in the face

Who says referees aren’t tough? One of them, Cianna Lieffers, caught a high stick to the face from Amanda Kessel of the United States during a women’s hockey game against Canada in the preliminary round.

It looked like a pretty nasty and bloody cut to the face, but she returned to the game after a few stitches.

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A faceplant on the luge track

Andriy Mandziy didn’t have the first run that he envisioned at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Ukrainian luger lost control of his sled after bumping into the wall. 

Fortunately, Mandziy wasn’t hurt, but he did have to slide backwards on the ice all the way through the finish line, with his hands up in the air and an exasperated look on his face.

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Unexpected camera time

A camera operator got an unpleasant surprise during the men's halfpipe when Finland’s Jon Sallinen lost control on a jump and barreled straight into him.

Both of them were fine, though the judges were not impressed by Sallinen’s rather unexpected improvisation.

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Earning her Olympic stripes

It’s the Year of the Tiger, and France’s Lucile Lefevre channeled her inner roar during her big air qualifying run by landing a solid shifty trick in a tiger one-piece suit. 

Come for the costume. Stay for the animal puns on the broadcast.

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Chloe Kim just wants snacks

Even after becoming the first woman to win a second consecutive gold medal in the halfpipe, Chloe Kim’s priority was snack time.

Kim, who famously tweeted about her constant need for snacks at the 2018 Olympics, hasn’t changed much in four years — either with her performance or her hunger craze.

At a press conference following her title defense, Kim asked reporters for snacks, and they happily obliged.

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A smoke show on ice

Nathan Crumpton braved 21 degree weather during the Opening Ceremony with no shirt and plenty of oil as the flagbearer for American Samoa, claiming that the only thing that was cold was the flag in his hands.

Crumpton was pretty good on the skeleton track too, placing in the top 20 in the men’s event.

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Becoming a father

The most heartwarming viral moment from the Olympics came from United States biathlete Leif Nordgren, who became a father during the Games.

Nordgren "met" his daughter for the first time after his wife gave birth back home in Burlington, Vermont, and he admittedly teared up during the warmup.

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Jamaica's bobsled team returns

Jamaica finished far off the podium in bobsled, but they unquestionably had the most popular team. 

The island country fielded a bobsled team in the Olympics for the first time since 1988, when their team was memorialized in the movie "Cool Runnings".

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