U.S. facing growing physician shortage

Posted at 11:13 AM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 14:13:15-04

As America's population ages and demand outpaces supply, a physician shortage is intensifying.

Projections from the Association of American Medical Colleges say the U.S. will see a shortage of 46,900 to 121,900 physicians by 2032 in primary and specialty care.

The aging of America's population is slicing the health-care industry in multiple ways.

Americans are living longer and seemingly healthier lives and requiring more care later into life.

What's more, one-third of all doctors currently working will be older than 65 in the next decade, and retirements may squeeze supply.

Experts say team-based care, smarter technology deployment and an increase in federal funding for residency programs would help to ease the shortage.