VIDEO: Bear caught on motion activated camera playing with owl decoy in S. California

Bear finally gives up after batting fake owl around
Bear caught on camera playing with owl decoy in SoCal
Posted at 2:44 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 18:03:13-04

A curious bear in Southern California spotted in owl in a tree, but couldn't quite figure out what it was doing there.

What happens next was all caught on a motion-activated camera.

The bear is seen on the camera wondering around near the front door of the house in Lake Arrowhead when it spots the fake owl decoration up in a tree.

You can almost see the bear thinking, "what is that?" when it spots the owl hanging from a branch near the front door.

The bear gets up on its hind legs and begins to swat the fake owl a few times.

As the owl swings back and forth, the bear rises up and down a few times taking swipes at the owl with its paws, before it plops down, looking a little defeated.

The escapades were caught on the Ring motion-sensor activated camera installed at the home. It was uploaded by the homeowner on July 9 so all of his neighbors could see the 'prowler' on the loose in the area.

We would say despite the size advantage, Owl 1, Bear 0, in this contest.