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Man in Germany receives 90 COVID-19 vaccines so he could sell vaccine cards

Posted at 8:49 AM, Apr 04, 2022

A 60-year-old man allegedly had himself vaccinated against COVID-19 dozens of times in Germany in order to sell forged vaccination cards with real vaccine batch numbers to people not wanting to get vaccinated themselves.

The man from Magdeburg, whose name was not released in line with German privacy rules, is said to have received up to 90 shots against COVID-19 at vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months.

He had apparently received the shots across the region for several months.

Criminal police caught him earlier this month after showing up at a vaccination center for the second day in a row.

Officers found several blank vaccination cards on him.

The German news agency dpa reported Sunday the suspect was not detained but is under investigation for unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery.

It's not clear what impact the about 90 shots had on the man’s own health.

The man had received dozens of shots from different brands.