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This NFL Team Did A ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Touchdown Dance, And NSYNC Loved It

Posted at 8:15 AM, Oct 21, 2019

The Seattle Seahawks know how to celebrate!

Last week, at their Oct. 13 game against the Cleveland Browns, this NFL team showed how “in sync” they truly are while celebrating a touchdown during a comeback win. The short but epic moment happened near the end of the first half, as Jaron Brown made a 17-yard catch that narrowed the score to 20-18 (in the Browns’ favor).

The Seahawks eventually won with a score of 32-28.

Take a look at some of the team’s wide receivers, engaging in this touchdown celebration on the official Seahawks’ Twitter account.

Showing off their moves are wide receivers Brown, Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and David Moore.

Any ’90s boy band aficionado will know this endzone dance is imitating NSYNC’s dance moves in their 2000 music video for “Bye Bye Bye.”

But in case you missed this classic bit of pop excellence, here’s the video below. (The move imitated by the football players first appears at 1:20.)

In response to the Seahawks’ tweet asking “How’d we do, NSYNC?” the band’s Twitter account responded back with a round of approval: “The judges scores… 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10.”

The Seahawks’ wide receivers also had a mini dance party during the warm-up at that same game against the Browns.

In fact, choreographed end zone antics have become a signature move for the team’s wide receivers. They’ve done the macarena and imitated movies, such as Eddie Murphy’s “Life,” “Drumline” and other flicks. There’s been some double dutch jump rope pantomime, a bit of surfing, digging for gold, baseball beaning and other sports imitations, too.

They’ve even pulled out some boy band-style moves before. See this November 2018 moment:

In an NBC Sports interview from last fall, former Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said the wide receivers did feel pressure to come up with new and awesome end zone moments.

“It has become an expectation,” he said. “Now everybody’s asking us what’s coming up next, but first and foremost we’ve got to score so let’s take care of the football aspect of it first and then just have fun if it comes along.”

What do you think about the Seahawks NSYNC moves? Should a Backstreet Boys dance be next?

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