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Officials are preparing to clean up after Tropical Storm Hilary

In the aftermath of the tropical storm, 7,500 emergency responders have been deployed to help clean up.
Officials are preparing to clean up after tropical storm Hilary
Posted at 4:29 PM, Aug 21, 2023

Tropical Storm Hilary is moving out of Southern California, but the impact of the weekend's drenching rain lingers. A 20-mile stretch of Interstate 10 near Palm Springs was shut down Monday morning, while a long line of trucks remained at a standstill. Schools were closed for hundreds of thousands of children in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Coachella Valley. Los Angeles officials reported 17 minor mudflows and 150 tree-related issues in the city. At one point 40,000 households were without power. 

"We've got in-house meteorologists who have been tracking the storm for the last five days and they help us make sure we know where the biggest impacts are going to be. We can pre-position crews to be very responsive, make sure equipment's ready," said Steve Powell, the president of Southern California Edison. 

California’s governor declared a state of emergency in several southern counties including Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, and 7,500 emergency responders were deployed to assist in the aftermath of the storm.

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