Offshore winds will dominate this week

Posted at 4:45 PM, Oct 21, 2019

Night and morning winds will be offshore much of this week. Winds will be locally gusty, past 20mph, but widespread high winds are not likely so this event has no local advisories thus far. That said, you'll definitely notice the warm temps near the coast. Tuesday low to mid-90s will be common at the Central Coast. Valleys will also see 90s. The Santa Ynez valley could even see upper 90s on Tuesday. Beaches will be in the mid 70s and lower 80s.

With offshore flow dominant the clouds should no be much of a factor this week. While no advisories are in place it should be noted that fire weather is a concern due to the warm and dry air.

The strength of the offshore winds will fluctuate. Tuesday is a decent push but looks to me like Thursday and Friday is even stronger, especially across Southern CA where advisories are already in place and more look likely.

Saturday looks like a transition day as the high pressure begins to break down. Onshore winds will bring in cooler and higher humidity for many valleys and coasts during the start of the weekend. Continued cooling should happen early next week as well. In total the beginning of next week looks 20 degrees cooler than the beginning of this week.