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Another major airline canceled thousands of flights this weekend

American Airlines posts $2.2 billion loss during pandemic
Posted at 7:32 AM, Nov 02, 2021

Another major airline canceled thousands of flights this weekend worrying some travelers as the busiest travel days of the year approach.

Over the last couple of days, American Airlines has canceled thousands of flights blaming the weather and staffing shortages, leaving travelers feeling frustrated.

Some even took to social media showing long lines at the airport full of weary travelers.

This comes just weeks after Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds of flights in a single weekend, also blaming inclement weather and staffing shortages.

These flight cancellations could affect the Central Coast this holiday season by limiting the number of available flights.

"I can't speak for the airlines, but I think what we know from some of the flight changes that have been made is that it's a pilot shortage," said Chief Marketing Officer at Visit SLOCAL, Cathy Cartier.

This leads to limited flights on the Central Coast.

"Alaska[n Airlines] had to cut back on their daily service so they're coming in less from Portland and San Diego. They're 90% full, but the issue is they don't have enough pilots," said Cartier.

Cartier added that the beach communities were popular among people who were looking to get away during the pandemic, but for the inland communities it was a different story.

"Paso Robles for example, where you have all the vineyards and when the tasting rooms were closed or they had limited seating, and you had to have appointments, you saw much more impact so it wasn't even throughout the county," said Cartier.

Cartier explained they are expecting to see a good number of tourists here on the Central Coast during the holiday season as more businesses re-open.

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