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Local pest control company now offers disinfecting services

Brezden Pest Control
Posted at 6:12 PM, May 27, 2020

Brezden Pest Control not only takes care of rodents and pests but it's now also working to disinfect people's homes.

The company said they have a product that can kill viruses their pest technicians can use to disinfect houses, restaurants and even daycare centers.

"The fog puts out a very fine mist and that mist lands everywhere, every nook and cranny," Brezden Pest Control Specialist Juan Real said. "Its an electromagnet fog that comes out. What that means is even though we don't spray underneath it, if it's a cylinder, it's going to do it on its own because it has a positive charge on it. And it's going to wrap around it and that's going to kill viruses, bacteria."

Real also said the product was safer than Lysol.

He recommended those that use the product get a cleaning once a week; however, they also offer a twice a month service plan.

Brezden just recently launched this new service in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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