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We're Open: Spirit of San Luis offers unique scenery for takeout orders

Posted at 6:20 AM, Apr 10, 2020

Spirit of San Luis is a full service restaurant at the San Luis Obispo Airport.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

On Saturdays, the restaurant is offering a drive-thru BBQ where you place your order in advance, pull up to the curb of the restaurant and they will bring your order to you at 5 p.m.

"We usually have either a choice of two menu items. We either have ribs, tri-tip or chicken. And then sides comes with dessert, garlic bread and it's all for $49," says owner, Ellen Stanton.

Community members can enjoy burgers, sandwiches, salads, fish dishes, and a variety of local wines.

Although you can't enjoy the food inside the restaurant, you can take your meal out to the airport viewing area and enjoy watching the few planes that are leaving daily.

For more information about the different dining options, visit this website.