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Oreo Is Launching A Decadent New Flavor

Oreo Is Launching A Decadent New Flavor
Posted at 4:00 AM, Aug 20, 2020

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Most people are looking forward to seeing 2020 from the rearview mirror. If you can relate, you might just have another reason to anticipate 2021.

Nabisco has announced that another flavor of Oreo cookies would hit grocery store shelves in January. Nutella fans, mark your calendars because Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos will be available then.

Oreo / Mondelez International

If this cookie flavor sounds vaguely familiar, you aren’t imagining things. In 2018, Oreo released a limited-edition Chocolate Hazelnut flavored cookie. However, those were comprised of a chocolate hazelnut-flavored creme spread between two golden Oreo cookies. The new edition will feature Nutella-like creme sandwiched in the middle of two classic chocolate Oreo cookies. (Mexico apparently enjoyed the chocolate cookie version back in 2017, as well.)


Don’t they sound delish? You could pair them with a decadent glass of Nutella whipped milk for a blissful chocolate and hazelnut overload. Alternatively, you might use them as an ingredient in a milkshake that rivals the ones at your favorite ice cream spot.

Oreo shared this recipe on Twitter. All you need is vanilla ice cream, milk and some Oreo cookies (whipped cream is optional).

These cookies are one of two flavors being debuted in the new year, as Java Chip Oreos will be making coffee-and-chocolate lovers’ dreams come true in January as well. The brand confirmed this by retweeting a post by PopSugar about the flavor.

“It’s true,” they tweeted, “something DELICIOUS is brewing for 2021.”

If these sweet treats sound amazing, but you’re worried because (let’s face it) you just don’t get to the grocery store as much as you used to, take a deep breath and relax. According to PopSugar, Oreo has confirmed that both the Chocolate Hazelnut and the Java Chip sandwich cookies will become part of the permanent flavor lineup.

Make sure to add Oreos to your calendar in January!

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