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This Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail Features Smooth Flavors Of Chocolate And Whiskey

This Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail Features Smooth Flavors Of Chocolate And Whiskey
Posted at 9:40 AM, Dec 09, 2022

Have a sweet tooth when it comes to cocktails? Or just looking for a new after-dinner drink?

Then you might enjoy this: Southern Living has a delicious-looking Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail recipe, Author Julia Levy says the alcoholic beverage is strong, smooth, and sweet, noting that the chocolate liqueur and milk complement the peanut butter flavor in the whiskey.

If you’re a lover of the peanut butter-chocolate combination, you’re going to have to try this as your dessert cocktail.


But the key ingredient though isn’t chocolate or peanut butter. It’s salt. That’s because salt amplifies flavors, including the sweet ones. So there’s no need to second-guess this its presence in the recipe.

To make the Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail you need creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate, peanut butter whiskey, chocolate liqueur, whole milk and sea salt. The whiskey, chocolate liqueur, milk and salt are shaken together in ice and poured into a glass rimmed with peanut butter and chocolate shavings.

Author Levy advises not skipping the step in which you dip the glass into peanut butter and chocolate before pouring the drink into it. This enhances the drink’s theme while adding both texture and flavor to your experience.

Another yummy-looking cocktail that uses peanut butter whiskey is this Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey Cocktail from Entertaining Diva. It has you drizzling chocolate syrup in a glass before adding shaken whiskey, chocolate liqueur and milk.


Cocktail Contessa has a Reese’s Manhattan for a different spin on the peanut butter and chocolate drink. The recipe mixes peanut butter chocolate whiskey, rye whiskey, amaro, chocolate bitters and water.

Recipe creator Heather Wibbels calls her concoction classy, noting that the drink is designed to “delight the child in you” while exploring the mix of pepperiness from the rye with the sweetness of the whiskey and the bitterness of the amaro.

You should definitely make these part of the plan for your next girls’ night in!

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