Rain prospects improve for later Friday into Saturday but still not a big storm

Posted at 3:50 PM, Feb 19, 2020

Low clouds and fog will return this evening and early tonight, but likely clear out as offshore flow sets up with a building ridge. Temperatures will be above normal Thursday and Friday.

Late Friday into Saturday we are still expecting an upper low to move into California. The forecast has improved a little for this system but locally I still wouldn't call it a big storm by any means.

The improvement is that models now place the low far enough north to bring showers to the Southcoast later Friday night into Saturday with some potential for wrap-around showers to continue into later Saturday morning for some.

In total, I think the Southcoast could see up to .25" with perhaps a few places north of there picking up measurable amounts but most of the area will end up with less than .10", and some will not see any rain at all. The late Friday night into Saturday morning timing means that for many folks the system will not be that impactful for Friday or weekend activities.

The low exists Saturday and dry flow sets up. Monday could see some strong north winds thru the mountains of the Southcoast. Temps will also return to above average by Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be some occasional offshore flow with a building ridge. The next better chance of rain waits for March.