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Ryan Reynolds Talks About Being At Home With All Women

Ryan Reynolds Talks About Being At Home With All Women
Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 06, 2020

While some are feeling lonely during this time of social isolation, others — who are stuck at home with family members — are definitely feeling the lack of personal space. If If you’re one of the latter, you might appreciate this interview with Ryan Reynolds, who insists that there’s still much to be grateful for even if your home is feeling especially small.

In Reynold’s case, he’s the only man in a six-strong household. In addition to his wife, Blake Lively, and their three daughters, Lively’s mother moved in when the coronavirus stay-at-home order was put in place. In a remote interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (or, rather, “A Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” filmed at his home), the “Deadpool” star showed that he was seeing the funny side of the situation:

When asked about his mother-in-law’s presence in the house, for example, he told Colbert that, “It’s been incredible to have her here. She doesn’t know it, but actually, she’s emergency food if this gets real … I will not hesitate to eat the children.”

Jokes aside (maybe), it seems that Reynolds is more than happy to be surrounded by girls.

“I do not miss masculine company at all,” he said. “Really, most men tend to be the architects of someone’s demise. So, it’s fine.”

His daughters, meanwhile, have been enlisting his help in some home DIY projects and, devoted dad that he is, he’s been more than happy to help them do stuff like make dresses out of tissue paper.

Which sounds smart to us. After all, experts believe that engaging in creative pursuits boosts mental health and helps to ward off anxiety and depression. Reynolds has opened up about his own mental health struggles in the past, telling The New York Times that he’s “always had anxiety.” So maybe making those tissue-paper dresses is doing more than just keeping his daughters entertained.

But Reynolds is making time for more than just his immediate family. On March 23, Reynolds shared a message with his fans on Instagram after being nominated by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “spread the word, not the virus.”

“Another important message from an important celebrity,” Reynolds joked, before asking his followers to “stay at home” and “practice social distancing.”

We can’t get enough of Reynolds, but while many movies that were in theaters when the coronavirus outbreak began are now being released online, Reynolds’ next project, “Free Guy,” has been pushed back from its initial release date of July 3. Reynolds announced the new theater release date of Dec. 11 on his Instagram feed.

So for now, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with his silly social media posts.

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