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Santa Explains The Coronavirus In This New Podcast Episode For Kids

Santa Explains The Coronavirus In This New Podcast Episode For Kids
Posted at 7:16 AM, Mar 30, 2020

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For kids who are required to stay home from school and other activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, this can be a confusing and fearful time — and many parents are struggling with how to explain it to them. What families need now is a friendly and comforting presence to provide some reassurance and information. And who better to take on this task than jolly old Saint Nick himself?

In a special, spring episode of Santa’s Podcast (because of course Santa has a podcast!), the big guy is taking to the airwaves to help children understand what the coronavirus is and what social distancing means.

The coronavirus-related episode is chock-full of useful information and tips (sing “Jingle Bells” while washing your hands!), as well as encouragement for little ones trying to acclimate to a new world in which they can’t see their friends and their parents work from home.


In the episode, Santa even reveals some details about how he and Mrs. Claus are spending their social distancing time — doing jigsaw puzzles, playing with the reindeer and going on long walks in the North Pole snow.

The episode is a bit of a lighthearted take on the current situation, delivered by a familiar voice that children will listen to with delight. In addition to the handwashing tip, Santa encourages kids to be patient with their parents while they work from home, as even the elves are working from their homes now to create toys and gifts for the 2020 holiday season.

The free podcast is available from Stitcher, Apple podcasts, Spotify and the iHeartRadio app.


Typically, this podcast releases daily episodes during the holiday season filled with fun facts about everything Santa-related: elf culture, the North Pole, the mysteries of delivering presents to homes without chimneys and more.

The beloved host also encourages his young listeners to embrace the holiday spirit by being generous and kind to others.

According to Greg Leader, the man behind the Santa podcast, Santa decided to dust off his recording equipment early this year because he heard that explaining the coronavirus pandemic to antsy young kids was posing a unique challenge to many parents.

In addition to the informative coronavirus episode, Santa will be returning to the microphone in the coming weeks to read stories to children. The first of these episodes was posted earlier this week when Santa read aloud the book “Where do Elves go on Vacation?” by Kim Ann.

Stay tuned for more stories and updates from the North Pole as even the jolliest among us attempts to weather this unprecedented situation!

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