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This Sheep Toilet Paper Holder Is The Bathroom Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

This Sheep Toilet Paper Holder Is The Bathroom Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life
Posted at 1:44 PM, Jun 13, 2019

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It’s fun to lay down in the grass and imagine shapes in the clouds, and the most obvious animal you could conjure out of a fluffy cumulus cloud is, of course, a sheep.

Well, someone must’ve been playing this what-do-you-see game when they were looking around the bathroom. It’s the only explanation for this sheep toilet paper holder, which I have to say is ingenious.

It’s also rather hilarious. If we’re being honest here, we can all admit that sometimes we just need a good laugh, even in the bathroom.

This sheep toilet paper roll holder will prop seven rolls along its black metal frame in a way that makes the TP look like the sheep’s curly wool. Adorable! Soft and fluffy! Take that, Charmin bears!

Amazon sells this delightful decor addition for $39.99. The sheep can stand alone next to the toilet or be hung on the wall.


We imagine you could probably put one in the kitchen as well and stack it high with rolled-up dish towels, although it would look less like a traditional sheep.

‘He Makes Me Smile’

One reviewer on Amazon noted, “Looks great in my baaaaathroom.” Ha. Yes, you will need your sense of humor intact to make this purchase.

Other reviewers sang the praises of this useful sheep, too. “I just love my sheep!” wrote D. Reed. “He makes me smile every time I see him. He holds extra toilet paper so no one has to do the ‘walk of shame’ and he is a unique piece of artwork, too! Simple to put together, he can sit on the floor or hang on the wall. I chose to hang him. Even my husband remembers to bring extra rolls to the bathroom now.”

A few reviewers — even those who loved the product — did complain about the assembly process. “Really like this product as it solved a storage problem in a cute way!” one customer wrote. “Only thing is that the pre-drilled screw hole on one leg doesn’t line up so unable to properly secure.”

Others reported that the toilet paper holder is too small. The sheep is 12 inches high (in the back, an answer in the questions section clarifies, though it’s “more like” 14 inches at the front) without any rolls stacked into his fluffy fleece. Yet others complained the sheep was too expensive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that the complaint that the sheep is too small results in the designer creating a mega-sized toilet paper sheep that holds at least two dozen rolls.

Want More Animals?

Alas, a toilet paper sheep is not for everyone. Maybe a humorous wall-mounted pig TP dispenser — yes, the TP is coming out of its bottom —  is more up your alley. If so, Amazon has you covered for $49.99.


If farm animals aren’t in line with your home’s current boho design standards, perhaps this cast-iron giraffe TP holder (on Amazon for $19.99) is more to your liking.


Or perhaps you’d prefer a carnivore overseeing your bathroom activities. This standing bear TP holder costs $41.52 on Amazon.

Amazon | Mike Toney

Or maybe you love ocean animals? If so, this countertop whale TP holder on Amazon for $29.99 might float your boat!


How about something for your tissues? This cat tissue paper holder, which lets you take your tissues from the cat’s backside, can decorate my bathroom anytime. It even comes in two colors: black and white tuxedo and orange tabby. It currently costs $34.94 on Amazon.


In any case, storing spare rolls under the sink suddenly feels awfully boring, baaam I right?

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