Southern California braces for a night of increasing dangerous winds

Posted at 1:00 PM, Oct 29, 2019

A strong Santa Ana event is developing for Southern California, Northern California is also experiencing a strong offshore event. While the Central Coast will get some offshore flow in the night and morning hours the rest of this week, it will be nothing like the events surrounding us.

The local headline for weather is still the cold overnight conditions which have prompted freeze advisories for the interior and mountains of SLO county. Lows will drop into the upper 20s in the area and damage can take place for sensitive plants and outdoor pets should also be given additional attention during the advisory.

Even outside of the interior valleys the lows will be cool in the 40s, despite that the highs for the next few days will still reach the 70s for most locations outside of the beaches where highs will stay in the 60s.

Skies will be mostly clear except for some smoke haze which continues to get drawn into the area from the Kincade fire.

Back to the Santa Ana event, some 60 mph to 70 mph gusts are expected not only in the mountains but in some of the valleys of Southern California as well. There could be some 80 mph gusts in the mountains. These winds will result in a significant threat of large fast-moving fires and wind damage (Downed trees, power lines, and broken signs or overhangs). Power outages are likely.

This will not be a one day event the winds will power through Wednesday afternoon and continue only slightly diminished in the evening.

Thursday looks pretty good, improvement for southern and northern CA and locally a nice Halloween. Local highs should hit the upper 70s in the coastal valleys, now it'll cool quickly in the evening hours dropping from the 60s to the 50s during the evening but good trick or treating conditions.

Extended forecast doesn't show any other big offshore events, but it also doesn't offer much hope for rain either.