Vo’s Little Pros: Colby Grey’s Gallantry

Posted at 7:29 PM, May 16, 2017

Templeton High School sophomore, Colby Grey has faced hardships throughout his life. He is a testament of courage, bravery, and perseverance. The tennis champion grew up dealing with a sensory processing disorder and five to ten stomach diseases, including gastroparesis.

 "I would throw up four to five times a week," Grey said. "I lost around 15-20 pounds as a skinny person already."

Grey was on an extreme diet that was easily digestible but not necessarily healthy. He was feeling ill constantly. Grey modified his school schedule around his sickness and yet, still managed to continue winning. 

"I won a few of my biggest championships throwing up in the bathroom," Grey said.

In addition to combating health battles, Grey’s medication caused a lot of side effects. "I actually had a side effect of the medication that was suicidal ideation. Basically, I did not want to live anymore and I wanted to end my life," Grey said.

After getting fed up with medications, Grey underwent a surgery in July to prevent him from throwing up. After a month of rehabilitation, Grey began to regain strength and a get a hold of his health. In October, he got back to his tennis regime and that’s when Grey’s father unexpectedly died.

"He was killed in a car accident with a driver who was under the influence of drugs," Grey said.

"He was going to work and never showed up," said Tiffany Grey, Colby’s mother. "I went to sit in my car and lost it until my son-in-law came and got me. I was in denial for the first six months. I really thought he was coming back."

Since then, Grey’s strength and gallantry grew more pronounced. He was named homecoming prince, he won his bid at ASB Vice President, he completed his entire tennis season going undefeated, and led the Eagles to its first league title. 

Grey also serves as the campus tennis recruiter. Templeton High School did not have a junior varsity team last year and through Grey’s recruitment this year, the Eagles JV team finished the season going undefeated. 

"Most people don’t have the most awesome time in high school but Colby is having the time of his life. He’s embracing it right now. I’m worried still that one day it will hit him like when he becomes a father someday, but right now I couldn’t be more proud," Tiffany Grey said.