Vo’s Little Pros: Chasing Championships

Posted at 7:25 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2018-09-04 13:08:53-04

The 2017 USA Gymnastics Championships is going on right now in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and there is plenty of Central Coast talent chasing championships.

Before Patrick Reichmuth begins his routine, his face shows the look of focus and concentration.

He is silently telling himself to, "throw it."

Power tumbling is an acrobatic sporting discipline combining artistic gymnastics and trampolining. 

Along with Reichmuth, more than two dozen gymnasts from the Central Coast are vying for gold at the USA Gymnastics Championships.

"I love doing this because it gives me the ability to take someone who thinks something is impossible and can’t be done, and teach it to them to get it done," said Wes Haagensen, Legacy Training Center co-founder, and head coach.

Getting it done takes hard work and dedication.

13-year-old Keenan Howell has been a trampoline gymnast for four years. "I’ve put in so much work to build up through one to level 10; to mobilize to youth elite is huge. I’ve worked my hardest to get here."

The gymnasts excel all while conquering some unique elements.

"Our top is very young, she’s only seven years old," said Natalie Sada, a member of Legacy Training Center Level 9 Women’s Trio. "She’s doing a very high level for her age which is really impressive when we go out onto the floor. I’m actually ten years older than her which is very unusual for acro."

With high goals and some of the best coaching in the area, these gymnastics are ready for a national routine. 

"I think my girls can do anything. I really have a lot of faith in them and as you can see, we train very hard. They work their butts off every day," said Rion Page, Head coach and acrobatics director at Central Coast Gymnastics.

The competition goes through this weekend and so far, Legacy’s Howell won the national title for Synchronized Trampoline with his partner Marcus. Level 8 Women’s Trio, Hannah and Lauren Alanna Marchbanks, and Gwen Jacobson as well as Level 7 Women’s Duo, Kylee Levin and Maeve Siems from Central Coast Gymnastics also took first place.