Vo’s Little Pros: Will Compton’s path to leadership

Posted at 8:42 PM, Aug 08, 2017

High school can be a difficult time when a student is struggling to balance academics, athletics, and a social life. However, if your name is Will Compton, that’s not the case.

The San Luis Obispo High School senior is a dual-sport athlete, excelling in both basketball and baseball. 

In basketball, Compton enters his senior year considered as one of the best defensive players in the PAC-8. He also serves as one of the Tiger’s leading rebounders. 

In baseball during his junior year, Compton played outfield with a batting average of .365 with 27 hits and 8 RBI’s including a fielding percentage of .978.

Academically, Compton holds a 4.7 weighted GPA after taking four AP classes his junior year with three more AP courses scheduled his senior year. Albeit being ranked fourth in his class, Compton explains that his extracurricular interests set him apart, "The stuff that really matters is what makes you an individual," Compton said.

"My strengths are math and physics," Compton said. "Those are the two classes I excel at the most. Aside from that, I’ve always enjoyed learning how things work. We took apart a microwave when I was eight years old."

Compton is a representative on the Superintendent’s Student Senate, a member of the Large Hadron Collider Club as a designated speaker, and a member of SkillsUSA.

Compton has his eyes set for prestiguous schools like Stanford, MIT, and California Institute of Technology to study engineering. "When you put together my strengths and my interests, mechanical engineering is one field that synthesizes math, physics, the liking to know how things work, and the drafting," Compton said.

Compton said his father taught him the value of balance and time management while his basketball coach taught him the value of leadership. By marrying the two, Compton helped design a summer workout plan for his basketball team. Stepping into the leadership role is also preparing himself for a future career in engineering.

"Will is the epitome of why we are in education," said Jeff Brandow, San Luis Obispo High School Athletic Director, and head basketball coach. "Will came to me as a sophomore for basketball. He’s very quiet, very shy, but a very hard worker. He was very driven, and he’s definitely grown and matured from a young man to a leader."

"It’s been fun to watch Will, whether it’s in basketball, baseball, SkillsUSA, or just on campus. He’s progressed to become an unquestioned leader on campus both academically and athletically. I’m really proud of how well-rounded he is," Brandow said.