Vo’s Little Pros: Emerging Track Star

Posted at 8:46 PM, Nov 21, 2017

10-year-old Tyler Daillak not only likes to run, he’s considered a running prodigy.

He picked up cross country and track a couple of years ago in third grade and has now participated in over two dozen races; races that he always wins.

During the 2017 City to Sea 5K run, Tyler finished with a time 19:42, placing first under age 18 and sixth overall in a field of 400.

"I really like all my medals, they represent how fast I am and I feel proud when I look at them," Tyler said.

He should be proud, Tyler was given a diagnosis of autism spectrum with sensory processing disorder. Running has helped him in so many ways.

"He has made great gains since he started running over the last couple years," said Steve Daillak, Tyler’s father. "Ty always says that he feels that he needs to move and that if he stays still he gets very uncomfortable. The running allows him to turn that negative behavior into a positive one."

Steve also explains how running burns off his excess energy, allowing him to relax and focus on activities like homework.

"He had tried baseball, tried doing some soccer, and he wasn’t into that because he couldn’t stay focused on just one thing. He ended up just thriving in cross country and track programs that they have over at Baur Speck (Elementary)." 

"I like running more because I’m running for a long time and I also like it because of it’s funner than all the other sports," Tyler explained.

Running is the purest form of a sport and one that Tyler is taking to the next level.

He recently took fifth overall in the 3000-meter at the USATF Pacific Association Junior Olympic Championships. Tyler will advance to the Region 14 Championship on Sunday where he will try to qualify for nationals.

 Tyler said when he grows up he wants to go to the Olympics and be an Olympic track star.


Tyler placed 4th place in the Region 14 USATF Pacific Association Junior Olympic Championships and qualified for nationals. The national championship will be in Tallahassee, Florida on December 9th. Tyler is fundraising for his trip across the country. Click here to help.