“The Iceman” Chuck Liddell eyes return to the octagon

Posted at 2:15 AM, Jun 15, 2018

UFC Hall of Famer, "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell, says he wants to come out of retirement and fight once again in the octagon.

Liddell, now 48, retired in 2010 after he suffered his third straight defeat by way of total knock out. His career record is 21-8. 

John Hackleman, owner of ‘The Pit’, a martial arts and fitness studio in Arroyo Grande, has trained Liddell since 1992 when Liddell was a standout wrestler for Cal Poly.

Hackleman says he has his reservations about Liddell returning to the octagon, but he knows exactly how the conversation will go when Liddell meets with him in a few weeks.

"I’ll say, ‘Let’s live a happy life and forget about fighting again.’ He’ll say, ‘I really want to fight. It’s in my heart. I have a couple fights left in me. Can you help me get ready?’ I’ll say, ‘If that’s what you really want to do and I can’t talk you out of it, then let’s do it and plan your camp right now. Let’s get some sparring partners together, and let’s do this.’ That would be it."

Hackleman adds that there’s no immediate timetable for Liddell’s return, but if it does happen, they’ll begin training as soon as possible.