Templeton head coach Tyler Lane steps down from coaching duties

Posted at 10:56 PM, Oct 31, 2018

After dedicating nearly ten years to the Tempelton Eagles football program, head coach Tyler Lane is resigning from coaching duties.

Lane took over the helm three years ago as varsity head coach and led the Eagles to a 3-7 overall record, 2-3 in Ocean League for fourth place.

Aside the stats from on the field, Lane contributed to positively influencing players off the field. All 70 student-athletes passed grade checks and there were zero behavior issues in the classroom.

In a letter to parents, Templeton Athletic Director Lindsay Franklin said, “Please join me in taking this opportunity to thank our coaches, who during season, spend seven days a week at the fieldhouse. They are invested wholeheartedly in the improvement and success of each of your boys. We want to thank the spouses and families of our coaches, as they sacrifice so many hours away from them to spend with us. We thank our athletes for their commitment and dedication to the program this past season, especially our seniors who are closing the chapter on high school football. Finally, we thank you, the parents of our athletes.”

Templeton High School is expected to flag the head coach opening in Janaury.