Dunkle sisters bonded by the love for tennis

Posted at 11:01 PM, May 20, 2022

Cal poly tennis players Delanie and Peyton Dunkle fell in love with tennis at a young age. Tennis runs in the Dunkle family, as their father Bill Dunkle played at UC Santa Barbara. Now they are living out their dream of playing division one tennis in their hometown on the Central Coast.

"Being teammates is one type of bond but being sisters and teammates is a special thing," Delanie Dunkle said.

"When Delanie first started being able to rally, my wife was like, your dreams have all come true, joking but it was kind of true," Bill Dunkle added.

From growing up playing at the SLO Country Club to playing for Arroyo Grande to now Cal Poly, the Dunkle sisters are thankful to be able to play together at home.

"It's cool to have our family so close by because they come to every single match, we're super close to our family and it's a special thing to play with my family and to have them so close by," Delanie Dunkle said.

"It is every college parent's dream to be able to watch both of your kids play next to each other, work hard and fight hard together and know that they have each other one court away," Tricia Dunkle added.