H.S. Basketball: Arroyo Grande boys and girls in CIF State

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-02 22:03:02-05

This past weekend, section champions were crowned. This week, the CIF state playoffs commence.

The Arroyo Grande boys basketball team took 3rd place in the open division last weekend. The Eagles received a 5-seed in division III. St. Joseph received a 9-seed in the same bracket.

The AG boys feel confident heading into state playoffs.

"This is a team that's been playing together for many, many years. They've always had a lot of confidence," Ryan Glanville, Arroyo Grande boys head coach, said. "The Open Division was great for us. I know we'll be ready to go. I know we won't play scared. We just have a very good team coming in."

"Just beating Clovis North, we have good momentum. We're really confident that we can beat them," Michael Atherton, senior point guard for the Eagles, said. "I think we just need to shoot well. As long as we make our baskets and make stops, that's all we need."

The Arroyo Grande girls basketball team fell in the CIF-Central Section division one title game this past weekend. The Eagles grabbed a 9-seed and will head down to San Clemente for the 1st round. The Eagles are ready for the state championships.

"That was a great venue for us to play. It was a great learning experience," Bryan Hutchens, Arroyo Grande girls basketball head coach, said. "The arena's big, the baskets are different, and trying to keep your focus, it made us a better team in the long haul. And I think that will help us. I don't think it will be as big a stage down there. It should help us. We're excited. We had a good practice. We're on the road tonight, and we're ready to play."