Lucia Mar athletic programs return to practice

Posted at 10:42 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-10 01:42:10-04

High school athletics across the Central Coast continue to return to practice this week, including the Lucia Mar Unified School District. Arroyo Grande High School is ready to take another step toward "normalcy" next week.

Every fall sports team is in action and practicing for Arroyo Grande, and the football team will hand out equipment to its players on Monday. The caveat to the players having pads and being able to use footballs is they will not be able to share any equipment throughout practice; each player will have a ball that only they can use.

Athletic Director, Stephen Field, says it's great to have all the athletes back on the field in some form, regardless of restrictions and guidelines that are to be followed.

We're starting off in what we're calling the implementation phase. It's conditioning based. It's a routine. It's protocol, it's teaching, it's understanding; it's making sure that we're all learning the new systems,” said Field. “Our school has given us permission to move into individual equipment next week, so that doesn't change much of what we can do right now. Most of the team sports that you use a ball, that individual can use the ball and keep that ball to themselves all practice long, but no shared equipment at all. We're really trying to keep that simple. Basically, one ball, one kid.”