Mission Prep's David Andrade plays through adversity

Posted at 6:42 PM, Oct 25, 2021

Mission Prep junior football player David Andrade injured his thumb in March of 2021.

He played the spring season with a cast and once he was able to take the cast off, his thumb didn't heal correctly. According to Andrade, his bone wasn't in the joint, so he was in a lot of pain. As a transfer to Mission Prep, he was extremely disappointed with not being able to play this fall season. After sitting out throughout the summer and the beginning of the season, he grew frustrated with his situation. Still, the doctors have not been able to find a treatment for his thumb so instead of continuing to wait on the sidelines, Andrade asked for clearance from his doctors to play around week five of the football season. His doctors cleared him to play and now he is doing what he can to help the Royals in their undefeated 8-0 streak this fall.

David Andrade is continuing to motivate his teammates, family, and community now heading into week 10 of the football season.