MLB investigating incident between Anderson-Donaldson

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Posted at 11:31 AM, May 23, 2022

Major League Baseball is investigating New York Yankees star Josh Donaldson for allegedly making a racist remark to Chicago White Sox slugger Tim Anderson.

According to the Associated Press, Anderson, who is Black, said Donaldson, who is white, called him Jackie Robinson during a game on Saturday.

Anderson told NBC Sports Chicago that Donaldson asked him “What’s up, Jackie?” twice, the first time coming in the second inning.

Newsday's Laura Albanese reported that Donaldson confirmed that he used Robinson's name in the first inning in an attempt to defuse the situation.

The AP reported that Donaldson said he and Anderson have "joked around" in the past, even referencing a 2019 article Sports Illustrated article where Anderson referred to himself as a modern-day Jackie Robinson.

Donaldson said that he was not meaning to be disrespectful.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Donaldson was wrong for making the remark.

Chicago manager Tony La Russa called the comment "racist."

On Sunday, neither Anderson nor Donaldson spoke to reporters.

Through a Yankees spokesman, Donaldson said MLB had not spoken to him about the incident.