MLB pitcher, Cabrillo High graduate helps bring lighting to baseball field

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Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 18, 2023

Cabrillo High School unveiled the new lighting at the school’s baseball field, ahead of the first night game ever there.

MLB pitcher, and Cabrillo graduate, Danny Duffy started the lighting project because student athletes could not practice or play games in the evening.

He worked with the high school, Lompoc Unified School District, and Murro Lighting to get the project done.

Duffy promised up to $1.5 million to fund the project.

“This is a great opportunity, not only for this year but years to come. There’s very few teams in this area that get to have lights at a high school level,” said Cabrillo High School baseball coach Cole Osborne.

High school officials say it was a three-year process to get the lights up.

Danny Duffy last pitched in the Majors in 2021 for the Kansas City Royals. He is now a member of the Texas Rangers, signed to a minor league contract.