Morro Bay hosts first IronMan 70.3 Saturday morning drawing volunteers and fans cheering racers on

Posted at 11:41 PM, May 20, 2023

More than 1,800 athletes from 46 U.S. States and 23 countries gathered in the heart of downtown Morro Bay at Embarcadero to compete in a long and grueling half IronMan consisting of a 70.3 mile treck.

The morning began with a 1.2-mile swim in the Morro Bay cove before heading into a 56-mile bike ride along Highway 1. The third-leg consisted of a 13.1-mile run from the base of Morro Rock through the Embarcadero.

"The water wasn't as cold as I was expecting which was nice," Jenni Zinchea, Redondo Beach resident said. "The bike was nice and flat, some headwinds and some tailwinds and it was really fun. The run was more challenging than I actually thought it would be."

Many gathered to hand out waters, snacks, and other necessities for the triathlon racers along the route. Several lifeguards were posted in the cove of Morro Bay with Police Officers from various cities throughout the county helping to block-off roadways so racers could compete safely.

Out-of-towners were impressed with the Central Coast and seemed eager to get back out here should Morro Bay host another IronMan event.

"One-hundred percent, yeah I would come back," Alex Palicki, Denver, Colorado resident said. "I love the town. I think it's a great venue. Everything's really close. The residents seem pretty friendly, and I would definitely come back."

Times and awards were handed out based on age group, gender, relay teams, and top PC athletes.

The top racers can be found here.

This was the third IronMan 70.3 race in the United States this year and the second in California.