SLO seniors pay tribute to spring sports athletes

Posted at 12:07 AM, May 19, 2020

Two seniors on the San Luis Obispo High School Associated Student Body paid tribute to the athletes that got their season cut short.

Roughly 200 laminated, paper cut-outs line the fence along San Luis Drive near the entrance of San Luis Obispo High School; each one representing a Tiger athlete missing out on their spring season.

“A lot of spring athletes think that they’re missing out right now because they don’t get a season – they don’t get games – especially the seniors,” Lucy Mills, a Commissioner of Publicity for the ASB, said. “We just wanted to represent them and show them that we still appreciate them, even though they don’t get a season.”

“We just wanted to do something normal, even in a time that’s not really normal, to make them feel appreciated,” Grace Nickerson, a Commissioner of Publicity for the ASB, said.

Mills and Nickerson came up with the idea; one that, overall, took them about four weeks to finish. Normally, the banners are hung up in the gym during pep rallies, but current circumstances don’t allow for that.

“Obviously we can’t do a rally right now, so we decided to hang them outside instead,” Mills said. “Everyone driving by will be able to see them and appreciate the spring athletes.”

“I think it’s really cool that we can have this out for the community because usually, it’s just for our rallies and just the high school community gets to see it,” Nickerson said. “It’s nice to have everybody appreciate our athletes.”