Two blocked kicks by Atascadero High School Junior push Greyhounds to CIF State Regional Finals

Posted at 8:03 PM, Dec 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-03 11:35:46-05

It's the CIF Sectional Finals at Atascadero High School and the Greyhounds just allowed their second unanswered touchdown against Pioneer Valley.

The Panthers line up for the point after and Junior defensive back, Jarom Damery, flies in to block the kick and hold their deficit at 13-0.

Coming out of halftime, Atascadero's Kane Cooks records a rushing touchdown, tying the score at 13 a piece.

"We are always looking for kids to step up," Head Coach Cooper says. "He's been a guy that has slowly worked his way into the lineup and has really been big for us the past three to four weeks."

Pioneer Valley marches down to the Greyhound's 42-yard line and prepares for a field goal attempt to take the lead.

The Panthers wind up, but Damery's fingertips deny the Panthers once again and Atascadero gets a chance the score.

"Let alone getting one, getting two is a pretty awesome feeling," Damery says. "Also knowing that they don't get those points on the board and our offense does a good job at going down the field and scoring."

That second block gave Atascadero momentum to score two more times and beat Pioneer Valley for their first CIF championship victory in 22 years.

"[Block kicks are] something we haven't accomplished much this year," says running back Trey Cooks. "It's kind of what lost us the game against Pioneer Valley last time so it's good to come back."

The Greyhounds travel north to face Colusa High School in the State Regional Finals Saturday at 6 p.m.