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Turn Your Stairs Into A Fun Slide For Kids With This StairSlide Set

Turn Your Stairs Into A Fun Slide For Kids With This StairSlide Set
Posted at 1:10 PM, Aug 24, 2022

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When I was younger, my older brother and I used to pile up pillows at the bottom of our staircase, slip into our nylon sleeping bags and slide down the stairs. This wasn’t exactly the safest at-home-sporting event, so we only did this only when the babysitter was watching us, of course. We mustn’t have been the only ones to invent this DIY activity because now you can buy a proper indoor stair slide.

The StairSlide is simple enough to set up and take down that kids can do it themselves! Not to mention way safer.

The Original StairSlide 

the original stairslide

Long gone are the days of dodgy makeshift indoor slides. The Original StairSlide lets kids ages 3 to 13 get their wiggles out worry-free. It’s made of lightweight yet durable and impact-resistant ABS plastic, and the bottom comes equipped with rubber grips that work on both hard and soft surfaces.

This four-piece set, available on Amazon for $275, covers the average staircase of 9-12 stairs. The first StairSlide piece covers three steps, but pieces are meant to overlap, so you can add another piece for every two steps after that. You can cover all of your stairs or just some — it’s up to you.

Thanks to its self-anchoring design to prevent it from moving during use, without the need for permanent installation, this stair slide is designed to be safe for kids to play with for hours, and it can hold up to 175 pounds. When everyone’s done slip-sliding away, just stack it up and store in a closet.

4-piece stair slide

With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, The Original StairSlide comes highly rated by reviewers.

User Laurie M. said the rubber on the bottom helped keep her wood stairs damage-free and said it was “worth every penny!” Beth B. said her grandchildren are in love with it and it keeps them off their screens.

“Squeals of fun instead,” she added. “Easy to put up.”

Scott and Courtney E. mentioned they added a blanket at the bottom since their floors were hardwood. The company suggests adding pillows and bean bags at the bottom to soften the landing. Carpeted spaces may not need this extra step, although it probably wouldn’t hurt!

If you’d like your stair slide to just be one or two pieces because you have a shorter staircase, check out the current sale at Zulily, where you can buy individual pieces for $79.99.

4-piece stair slide set up

Do you think your family would love this stair slide? It looks like a smoother ride than bumping along each stair with a sleeping bag — and about 1,000 times safer!

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