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Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends You’ll Want To Try—Including Oat Milk Blonde

Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends You’ll Want To Try—Including Oat Milk Blonde
Posted at 6:30 AM, May 02, 2022

Summertime has a vibe all its own. It’s warm, sunny, laid back and fun. During the balmy season, you want to wear particular clothing, listen to distinctive music and maybe even dye your hair a different shade. For summer 2022, hair color trends are as hot as the sun on a sandy beach or as cool as an ice pop in the shade. Check out this collection of tints that will be popular this season.

Oat Milk Blonde

Stylists say this soft, creamy shade, which sounds like something you might order at the Starbucks drive-thru window, is already in high demand. Stephanie Brown, a master colorist at IGK Soho in New York City, explains that the bright neutral all-over blonde is neither warm nor ashy or platinum. It’s sure to top the summer hair color trends list this year.

“It’s less harsh on skin tones and looks great with a tan,” Brown told Allure.


If this soft, summery shade isn’t your style, read on. There is something for everyone with several other summer 2022 hair color trends.

Shiny Copper

With lustrous reddish brown (or brownish-red) appeal, copper comes in a range of shades. Anyone can pull off this flirty, fiery and fun color by choosing the right one. From warm pumpkin spice and deep wine copper to intense golden copper, it’s up to you to decide what suits your look and personality.

copper hair

Expensive Brunette

If you want a look as low-maintenance as it is luxe, “expensive brunette” might be the most suitable for being fashion-forward in summer 2022. One of this year’s biggest hair color trends, this shiny, boosted brunette shade has subtle touches of golden blonde throughout.

“You want to have more depth at the root with slightly lighter ends, not a bleachy look, though,” celebrity hairstylist Nikki Leetold Women’s Health. “It’s very polished with lots of shine.”

expensive brunette

Pastel Pink

Vibrant, playful shades are included in summer 2022 hair color trends. For example, experts say sweet cotton candy pink will be hot this year. You can choose a washable color for a temporary DIY look or visit your colorist for something that lasts all season long.


Beach ‘Bronde’

Balayage can give you this sandy “bronde” hair with gradient shades falling between blonde and brunette. Incorporating highlights, lowlights and “teasy lights” creates a soft, blended transition. The result is a gorgeously understated, lived-in look perfect for summertime.

Beach bronde hair

Mushroom Brown

If mushroom brown sounds muted and earthy to you, you’re correct. However, the neutral and silvery hue, which is ash brown hair with varying mauve, taupe and gray undertones, is already trending this year — primarily because it is versatile and pretty.

“It’s different from other shades of brown, because most shades either take on a warm or cool tone, but mushroom is in the middle,” Matt Swinney, Rusk Hair’s global creative director, told Cosmopolitan. “Natural brown shades won’t give you the customized undertone mixture found in the mushroom brown shade.”

mushroom brown hair

Vanilla Almond Butter Blonde

Another hue that sounds like a specialty coffee rounds out the top summer 2022 hair color trends list. But the decidedly blonde shade is already hot on TikTok and looks to be a favorite all season long. The marriage of icy blonde and golden tones gives the color dazzling dimension throughout.


Are you ready to try one of these stunning shades in time for fun in the summer sun?

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