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Swiss Miss has a new hot cocoa flavor to warm you up this fall and winter

Swiss Miss Has A New Hot Cocoa Flavor To Warm You Up This Fall And Winter
Posted at 7:00 AM, Aug 16, 2021

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Summer’s cooldown refreshers give way to fall and winter’s cozy beverages each year. Pumpkin, peppermint and dark chocolate beckon from steaming mugs.

With Swiss Miss releasing a Salted Caramel cocoa to that rotation of comforting drinks, you don’t have to pay coffee shop prices for what it’s describing as “decadent caramel flavor with a touch of salt” (or imbibe all that caffeine). “This sweet, creamy beverage is made for caramel and chocolate lovers of all ages,” the description says.

The new Salted Caramel hot chocolate is available right now at Walmart and Target. you can also buy it on or find it at your local grocery store. Each packet has 160 calories and makes an 8-ounce cup when combined with hot water.

Swiss Miss

Some commenters on Best Product’s Facebook post about the new cocoa said they like to mix the salted caramel flavor with Swiss Miss’ dark chocolate for a more complex and rich cocoa.

“Now I want it to be fall and have a spooky movie marathon in our sweats while drinking it (spiked of course),” wrote another fan on the post.

We’re on board with both of these ideas!

Swiss Miss shared a recipe for “loaded hot cocoa” that includes a chocolate and sprinkles-coated mug rim with a mini donut, marshmallow, donut hole and chocolate skewer and whipped cream topping. Sounds like a whole dessert in one cup! The drink brand shares several other cocoa concoctions on its site like Witches’ Brew Chocolate Punch and Double Chocolate Cinnamon Spike Hot Cocoa.

Swiss Miss

If you’re looking for other salted caramel instant hot cocoa options, Target also carries its own Good and Gather brand Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa mix. Starbucks has one too, as does Land O’Lakes.

Swiss Miss also makes a Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa and has an “indulgent” cocoa collection that includes White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sensation and Caramel Delight.

What’s your favorite cold-weather beverage?

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