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Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas are off menus again—this time, because they’re sold out

Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas Are Off Menus Again—This Time, Because They’re Sold Out
Posted at 6:55 AM, Jun 01, 2022

When Taco Bell confirmed the return of the beloved Mexican Pizza after about one and a half years (it disappeared from menus in November 2020), fans were delighted. Even Dolly Parton, who was set to star in the satirical “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” on TikTok, got in on the crunchy, savory goodness.

“My favorite little pizza has finally returned home,” tweeted the Queen of Country Music on May 19, the day the food item returned to Taco Bell locations. “The Mexican Pizza is back!”

Fans were so enthusiastic that they bought them all, leading the chain to run out of ingredients in less than two weeks. Living Mas, a Taco Bell fan site, reports that the chain sold 1 million more Mexican pizzas than projected.

On the chain’s FAQ page, Taco Bell explained why customers are unable to order the item at their local Taco Bell restaurants.

“Our fans’ love is all consuming, and they’re consuming all the Mexican Pizzas. Demand for the Mexican Pizza was seven times higher than when it was last on menus, and replenishing the beloved menu item is taking longer than we’d like,” wrote Taco Bell. “Shortages of the Mexican Pizza were unexpected, and have occurred on a rolling basis. We communicated the news to our team members first to ensure they had all of the information and support they’d need to continue serving our guests in our restaurants.”

But all is not lost. The fast food chain announced on May 31 over social media that the item will be back in restaurants and on the menu for the foreseeable future.

“Turns out we underestimated how many of you love Mexican Pizza. 7x more than we expected, to be exact. We are working as fast as we can to restock Mexican Pizza ingredients. We’ll need some time to replenish our supplies, but when it comes back, we promise it’s here to stay,” Taco Bell tweeted.

And for anyone wondering, “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” has been postponed, as well. The project, which was originally set for a May 26 debut on TikTok, is (as Parton’s script says) “based on the true story of the Internet losing its mind.” Doja Cat, who leaked the news of the Mexican Pizza’s return at Coachella in April, is also involved in the production.

“We hope to reschedule to a later date, complete with the joy and celebratory spirit in which it was originally created,” Taco Bell wrote on the Mexican Pizza FAQ page.

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