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Target’s New Giant Splash Pad Is Just $30

Target’s New Giant Splash Pad Is Just $30
Posted at 6:59 AM, May 29, 2020

Every year when summertime is on the horizon, we get pretty excited about sharing all the fun ways you can stay cool during the summer heat. So far this year, we’ve found a floating day-spa float and an inflatable game table and chairs for those of you who have a pool in your backyard!

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a watery oasis so close. Plus, many of us may not be ready or able to head to a local pool as the possibility of coronavirus still remains foremost in our minds. We don’t think you need to have a pool to stay cool this summer and have found the perfect solution to beat the heat!

Head over to Target and find the Rainbow Blobz Water-Filled Splash Pad for those sunny, hot days!


The Sun Squad Rainbow Blobz Water-Filled Splash Pad, which sells for only $30 at local Target stores and at, isn’t your ordinary thin piece of plastic that you slip and slide on. You fill this 9.2 foot by 6.1 foot splash pad up with water to create “a unique play area that offers a cool surface for playing or lying on while enjoying a day under the sun.”

There is a built-in nozzle on the Rainbow Blobz Splash Pad where you can hook up a garden hose. It will likely take some time, as the pad has a 211-gallon capacity! So, don’t expect it to be ready in just a few minutes for your impatient kids. The product description says it takes about 30 minutes to fill the splash pad completely.

But once it’s filled, the fun doesn’t stop. Not only can kids of all ages enjoy the floating sensation the pad offers, it also has built-in sprinklers. Let the splashing begin!

What we also love about the Rainbow Blobz Splash Pad is that it’s built to last. The weight limit states it can hold up to 566 pounds! So if the grown-ups want to sneak in a little time on the splash pad, they don’t have to worry about destroying the kids’ water playground.


You can check if your local Target has the Rainbow Blobz Splash Pad simply by going to the store’s website and searching for the item. Have a great summer!

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