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Tennessee animal shelter wanted Paul Rudd to adopt look-alike dog

Tennessee animal shelter wanted Paul Rudd to adopt look-alike dog
Posted at 1:20 PM, Feb 20, 2023

They say nearly everyone has a doppelganger, but is there such a thing as a dog-elganger? According to one Tennessee animal shelter, yes. And Paul Rudd is lucky enough to have one such lookalike.

In the small town of Collierville, a 2-year-old, 65-pound Australian shepherd mix named Waffle House was given a new nickname thanks to his alleged resemblance to the actor. The town’s official Twitter account shared several photos to show the similarities on Valentine’s Day.

“While making love connections between pets and people today, we discovered one of our dogs is meant to be with Paul Rudd,” tweeted @ColliervilleGov. “We have nicknamed him Pawl Ruff.”

Described as “a gentle, easy-going fella” by shelter staff, Pawl Ruff displays good leash walking skills and has an abundant thick and soft fur coat. Plus, he’s already potty trained, which makes him all the more appealing.

The pooch was brought into the shelter on Jan. 28. The staff and city initially appealed to the movie star himself to adopt the dog, but Pawl has found his forever home with Collierville resident Jennifer Roy and her family.

“I had been looking for a dog and was following different shelters in the area,” Roy told the shelter. “When I saw him, I thought, ‘that’s my dog.'”

His new moniker is Rowdy, and he seems to like the name “although he isn’t very rowdy at all,” his new mom shared. He is settling in well and is even allowed on the couch, as any celebrity should be.

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