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The best dad jokes you’ve probably never heard before

The best dad jokes you’ve probably never heard before
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jun 13, 2023

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Ah, dad jokes. They are the jokes we hate to love, right? We may roll our eyes and sigh when we hear them, but there’s no denying there’s a charming quality about the goofy wordplay our fathers like to dish out. In fact, these jokes have become so popular that the term “dad joke” became part of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary in 2019.

According to the dictionary, a dad joke is “a wholesome joke of the type said to be told by fathers with a punchline that is often an obvious or predictable pun or play on words and usually judged to be endearingly corny or unfunny.”


Corny as they may be, dad jokes may actually be good for society, according to psychologists.

The British Psychological Society took a serious look at the art of the dad joke and the benefits they bring to our culture. Writer Marc Hye-Knudsen wanted an answer as to why dad jokes are so popular if so many people claim they are unfunny. He concluded that it’s a combination of punny wordplay, the actual willingness to tell an embarrassing joke and the wholesome subject matter that add value to these jokes.

There are entire Reddit threads dedicated to dad jokes, and you can even find cards that pay homage to the comedy art form.

So, as we get ready for Father’s Day why don’t we share some great dad jokes in honor of your favorite funny guy? Here’s a list of some of our favorite jokes — and if you need a card to match, here’s a list of our favorite dad joke cards, too.

A Pure Bread Dog

Here’s one from Facebook creator Logan Lisle:

“I can’t bring my dog to the pond anymore. The ducks keep attacking him.

“Guess that’s what I get for getting a pure bread dog.”

Pure bread? We wonder what kind? White? Ciabatta? French?

Lisle has an entire Facebook page called Dock Tock dedicated to dad jokes, and his videos are gold. The joke delivery is done with a perfectly straight face, which makes them even better.

The One That Confirms Why Weekends Are the Best

In its collection of best dad jokes, Men’s Health shared one that some people who have difficulty going to work might relate to easily.

“I only seem to get sick on weekdays. I must have a weekend immune system.”

Let’s be honest, those Monday blues hit hard and can last throughout the week. But Friday afternoon hits, and boom, we’re ready to go!

A Pointed Comment From a Triangle

“What did the triangle say to the circle?

“You’re pointless.”

This joke, shared byGood Housekeeping, may get extra groan points because it is a pun and pokes fun at math. Anyone who can take geometry and find something amusing about it deserves at least a chuckle.


A Riff on a Catchy Kids’ Tune, Thanks to AI

Twitter user @dadsaysjokes dedicates his content almost exclusively to sharing the best dad jokes. This recent joke may bring you back to your younger days.

The One We Always Set Ourselves For

“Hey, Dad, did you get a haircut?

“Nope, I got them all cut”

How do we fall for this every time?


Maybe Pigs Won’t Find This Dad Joke Funny

“Question: Where do pigs like to relax?

“Answer: In hammocks”

Thanks to Twitter user Nick Davis (@alt_world) for posting that one!

A Dad Joke Meme to Share

We love this meme shared on Facebook by Dad Jokes!

Add to The Dad Joke Fun With These Gifts

If sharing a few dad jokes isn’t enough for your dad, how about picking up one or more of these gift ideas? He’ll crack himself up every time he uses it and gets the bonus of sharing the joke with others.

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This funny T-shirt not only hits on the wordplay element of the dad joke but also gives a touch of tech nostalgia with its nod to the old floppy disk!

It comes in sizes small to 3X and has 10 different colors from which to choose.



Stainless Steel Dad Joke Tumbler ($26.95)

Give the funny guy in your life the ability to take his jokes on the go! This 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler showcases a bunch of dad jokes to keep him (and others around him) amused all day, whether in the car or at the office.


“The Book of Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes” by Dan Gilden ($6.95)

“The Book of Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes” is a handy reference guide for the guy who needs some new material to make his friends and family groan and roll their eyes.


100 Single Cheesy Joke Cards ($6.95)

What better way to package a collection of cheesy jokes than to make them look like American cheese singles? This box of 100 Single Cheesy Joke Cards would make a fun gift for anyone in the family, but especially the dads who can’t resist telling those silly jokes.



2023 Dad Jokes Boxed Calendar ($13.49)

A new dad joke for every day of the year? Do you think your dad, uncle, brother or grandpa can handle that type of power? If so, buy him this Dad Jokes Boxed Calendar, where he’ll enjoy something funny all year!


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