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Plant wall clips let you easily manage where climbing plants are going

Plant wall clips let you easily manage where climbing plants are going
Posted at 6:35 AM, Aug 15, 2023

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The vines of climbing plants add dramatic interest and depth to ledges and cabinet tops. The neat thing about climbing plants placed high enough is that you can simply let vines dangle. However, depending on the placement height, you might prefer to let them climb up the wall, or even off to the side, but this usually requires using something like a wooden stake or peppering the wall with nails. (Not ideal for renters.)

However, there is a better solution! These smart little clips can make arranging plant vines a breeze. If you’re a fan of ivy, green dill or orchids listen up! Now you can free up valuable floor or counter space with this clever product.

Plant Climbing Wall Fixture Clips from Cochie (50 pieces)

Plant climbing clips in action

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What’s nice about these plant wall clips is that, unlike stakes, you have complete control over what direction the vines grow in. Their green color and shape help them blend right into the plant. The package contains 50 lightweight clips and the tool-free installation is a snap. Just stick the adhesive to the plant clip, peel the backing and secure it firmly to the wall.

They’re also waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor use (as long as the plant faces the sun). They work great for tomato plants, orchids, green dill and more, and with 50 pieces in a pack, you could use them for several climbers.

Plant Climbing Clips from Cochie

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The clips stick well to the wall, and when it’s time to remove them try wiggling the tip of the clip to loosen the adhesive. It’s important to note that because the adhesive is on the stronger side, it has been shown to take a small amount of paint off during removal for some users. If this concerns you, you can trim a 3m Command Strip to use instead. While you shouldn’t need to remove or fiddle with the clips much, as the plant grows, you’ll need to unclip the vines to reposition them.

While these clips are great for small to medium vines, they won’t bode well for plants with thick stems.

Buy Plant Climbing Wall Fixture Clips from Cochie (50 pieces) at Amazon for $7.99 (was $10.99). 

If you’re in the market for something other than leaf-shaped wall clips, these minimalist ones might be more appealing to you.

Plant Clips from Dimrom (100 Pieces) 

Plant clips on Pothos

If you’d prefer white clips, this 100-piece set can suit all your climbing plant needs. The clips measure just 0.35 inches by 0.55 inches by 0.79 inches. They’re self-adhesive and stick to all sorts of materials like smooth walls, tile, stainless steel and glass. However, if you have textured orange peel walls, these may not be a good fit. They can also be used to wrangle electric cables or to help organize and hold small tools.

Buy Plant Clips from Dimrom (100 Pieces) at Amazon for $8.99 (was $9.49).


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