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The Swift effect: Kelce weighs in as his podcast leapfrogs Joe Rogan's

In the latest episode of "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce," the NFL brothers agree that dating rumors may be getting blown out of proportion.
The Swift effect: Kelce weighs in as his podcast leapfrogs Joe Rogan's
Posted at 8:47 AM, Oct 05, 2023

UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan's podcast has topped U.S. charts for two consecutive years since moving exclusively to Spotify in December 2020. But as of current, there's a new top dog, and it can — in part — be attributed to what many are calling "the Taylor Swift effect."

The rumored relationship between Swift and Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce has set the internet ablaze in recent weeks. From her appearing at two of his games to sending Kelce jersey sales through the roof, the Swift effect is undeniable. But now it's gone even further, helping propel Kelce's podcast with his older brother Jason past "The Joe Rogan Experience" to claim the No. 1 spot on Spotify charts.

It's quite impressive considering Rogan has been in the business for nearly 14 years and released more than 2,000 episodes with an estimated 3 billion views. Travis and his older brother Jason just started podcasting last year.

But who's really responsible for the latest craze? Is it Swift? Kelce? Or has the NFL blown the whole story out of proportion as part of some grand cross-marketing plan to attract viewers? That's a question Travis Kelce addressed in the latest episode of "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce."

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"I think it's fun when they [the NFL] show who all is at the game. I think its brings a little more to the atmosphere, brings a little more to what you're watching," Travis said. "But at the same time, I think they're overdoing it a little bit, especially in my situation." 

Swift was in attendance at the Chiefs' Sunday night prime-time victory over the New York Jets. But Jason echoed his brother's thoughts, saying the cameras showed shots of her suite no fewer than 17 times during the game. 

"I just think the NFL's not used to celebrities coming to the game. Like basketball has it figured out," he said. "[Celebrities are] all courtside, they're sitting there, they show them once or twice but get back to the game. The NFL is like 'look at all these A-list celebrities at the game. Keep showing them. Show them! Show them! Show Them!' Dude, listen, you show them once, let [the viewers] know they're there. Maybe after a touchdown, get a little clip, but you can't go overboard with it." 

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In an interview with the Associated Press, Ian Trombetta, the NFL's senior vice president of social, influencer and content marketing, said that the NFL wants to "make sure we remain in a celebratory sort of posture and position, and one that we don't want to over-commercialize, in a way.”

Trombetta noted that there's always a stir about different celebrities being in attendance, but claimed the Kelce-Swift drama "took on a life of its own." 

Whether it's an authentic fling or things have been slightly exaggerated, one thing is certain, and it's that the media doesn't seem to be taking the cameras off these two anytime soon. As the speculation about their romance grows with each public appearance, so will the storyline — even though neither of them have publicly confirmed their relationship status.

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