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These stores will still accept your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons

Bed Bath & Beyond stopped accepting coupons at its stores Thursday.
These stores will still accept your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons
Posted at 11:23 AM, Apr 27, 2023

Don't throw away those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons just yet. While the coupons are no longer valid at Bed Bath & Beyond stores due to the company's bankruptcy filing, at least two other retailers said they will accept them. 

The Container Store and Big Lots are now honoring coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Big Lots said it will honor Bed Bath & Beyond coupons through May 7.

"Any shopper presenting any Bed Bath & Beyond coupon will receive 20% off their entire purchase of $50 or more," Big Lots said in a statement.

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The Container Store doesn't mention Bed Bath & Beyond by name, but the company said it will honor coupons from a competitor that recently announced its closing.

"The Container Store will offer a 20% discount off any single item through May 31, 2023, for customers who bring a competitor’s blue coupon to any store location," the company said. 

Bed Bath & Beyond stopped accepting coupons on Thursday. The retailer said it will continue to accept gift cards through May 8. 

Bed Bath & Beyond announced on Sunday that it was filing for bankruptcy. The company was plagued by financial losses dating back to the height of the pandemic. It had tried to stave off bankruptcy by closing under-performing stores and shifting its retail strategy, but those attempts ultimately proved unsuccessful.

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