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Girl searching for teddy bear with recording of late mom’s heartbeat

Girl searching for teddy bear with recording of late mom’s heartbeat
Posted at 12:10 PM, Apr 17, 2023

Can you help this little girl find her priceless teddy bear?

A 4-year-old girl in Tennessee is in desperate need of help to find a missing teddy bear. The teddy bear, which was accidentally donated to Goodwill, has a recording of her now-deceased mother’s heartbeat.

After realizing that the teddy bear had been unintentionally donated to Goodwill, the little girl’s father reached out to the store, which is located in Tazewell, Tennessee. However, the store could not locate the teddy.

Local radio stations and news stations have picked up the story, and social media has also helped to spread this father’s pleas. He says this teddy bear is the only thing this little girl has of her mother, and she desperately wants it back.

The teddy bear is a tie-dyed Build-a-Bear stuffed teddy, and although there is no exact picture of it from the family, images of similar teddy bears have been shared. A local radio station shared this message about the missing teddy on their Facebook page:

The family is asking everyone who might have purchased the teddy to please return the item. The manager of the Goodwill says that while the store has received many calls about the missing teddy, they believe that the item is in the region’s Tri-State area (which includes portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia).

If you live in this region and frequent Goodwill, or have family and friends that do, the family is asking that you look at recent purchases to check for the teddy bear. Or, consider sharing the post about the missing teddy on Facebook to help amplify the message and broaden the search.

This is not the first time that a precious stuffed animal has accidentally wound up at Goodwill. Last year, a teddy bear in Northern New England was donated to Goodwill. It was more than just a stuffie: It contained a bag of a little boy’s ashes. The family was understandably devastated, but the story had a happy ending: Thanks to people sharing the message on Facebook, the teddy bear was found and returned to its rightful owners.

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