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This New Bike Is Made From 300 Recycled Coffee Pods

This New Bike Is Made From 300 Recycled Coffee Pods
Posted at 9:12 AM, Aug 21, 2019

As much as I love a good Keurig coffee, I have to say I was pretty shocked to find out that a coffee pod can take between 150–500 years to break down in a landfill. How outrageous is that? For those who love coffee pods, yet also want to be conscious consumers who make sustainable decisions, here’s an idea: RE: CYCLE.

We all know about Nespresso’s delicious on-the-go espressos and their fancy coffee machines. But did you know that the company has also been involved in recycling efforts since 1991 with the launch of its first recycling plant in Switzerland for its aluminum capsules?

And recently, the company partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to create the RE: CYCLE bike, a hip bicycle made from recycled Nespresso aluminum coffee capsules. According to this press release, the bike is “a perfect balance of sustainability and style, designed to illustrate the potential of recyclable aluminum and motivate Nespresso fans to recycle their capsules.”


Jimmy Östholm, a former IKEA communications manager and Founder of Vélosophy, explains in the release that the purpose of his company is to make a positive impact on the world. This responsibly sourced and sustainably produced bike is doing just that. It’s a bike that showcases what a circular economy is — a system whose goal is to minimize waste while making the most of the resources at hand.

Made with 300 espresso pods, the bike brings to light the various possibilities of what can be created with these pods, recreating a product people already love and completely transforming it into something new and useful.

“Every bit of aluminum that exists could be recycled again into new products,” says Östholm. “I think that’s really the message here.”

The bike, which is available on Vélosophy’s eCommerce site for about $1,446, has a design meant to delight Nespresso fans. It’s got a plum color, the color of the packaging for Nespresso’s beloved Arpeggio variant; a bell shaped like — what else — a coffee pod; and a carrier basket that features two straps meant for coffee-to-go cups.


Also awesome? The fact that because Vélosophy decided to save costs on things like a retail shop, they’re able to donate a bike to a schoolgirl in the developing world with each bike sold.

What do you think of this new use for those Nespresso pods?

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