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Board Game Storage Idea Saves A Ton Of Space

Board Game Storage Idea Saves A Ton Of Space
Posted at 12:10 PM, Sep 30, 2021

Board games are a cherished American pastime, and so is stacking them all up in a haphazard pile inside a closet somewhere in your house.

Seriously, nobody seems to ever keep their collection of board games organized in an attractive way, and that’s half the charm of them. But along comes TikToker Kristie Gilmore to turn our whole concept of storing board games on its head — and she is facing some serious blowback from traditionalists as a result.

Gilmore, who goes by the name @mrs.happygilmore on the video-sharing platform, recently shared a clip that blew our collective mind by showing off the unique way she keeps her family’s board games organized and looking pristine.

Board game boxes stacked up with dice on table

So, what’s the revolutionary method Gilmore has used to keep her game collection looking great while taking up minimal space? She ditched the boxes completely.

As she shows in her 16-second video, this clever mom took the contents from each game box and transferred them into individual mesh zipper bags. She then put all the bags into wire baskets that fit neatly into her cabinets. The transformation she shows in the video is pretty dramatic, with Gilmore claiming that the bags take up just a third of the space used by the boxes.

Check out the whole video and see what you think.

@mrs.happygilmoreWe threw out all of our gameboard boxes ✌🏼 👋🏼 ##parentsoftiktok ##SavingsShuffle ##organizedhome ##organizingtiktok ##momsoftiktok♬ Sunday Best – Surfaces

This isn’t Gilmore’s first time offering up hacks for her fellow parents. She does so regularly on TikTok, where she’s got nearly 400,000 followers. But when you present revolutionary ideas — like throwing away your board game boxes in favor of bags — you’d better be prepared for some opposition.

A quick look at the comments on the video shows that many people are aghast at the whole idea, even if it does objectively look better.

“This triggers me so much,” wrote user @flash0328. “The game board box is part of the experience.”

Gilmore, who has been responding to many of the comments, simply wrote back, “Sorry,” with a crying laughing emoji.

“Psh the box is what made the game attractive to my child eyes,” wrote @jadestoneeyes. “This would just feel like a boring task.”

To that, Gilmore replied, “It was fun for me.”


But not everyone was down on the idea. Plenty of people marveled at Gilmore’s solution and praised her “minimalist” handling of the storage aspect. The mom herself refused to back down or apologize, throwing some playful shade back at her detractors.

“All you getting bent out of shape over the boxes must have an attic full of Beanie Babies,” she wrote in a comment that has been liked more than 1,600 times so far.

Where do you come down in this debate? Are the boxes a sacred part of the board game experience or are they just a nuisance?

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