Tortoise shell nails are the newest fall manicure trend

Tortoise Shell Nails Are The Newest Fall Manicure Trend
Posted at 11:30 AM, Aug 19, 2019

Tortoiseshell has always been popular as a print on sunglasses and other accessories, but now the cute pattern is making its way into our nail salons. That’s right: The newest nail trend for fall is tortoiseshell — and it’s classic and quirky all at once.

This new beauty trend, featuring a distinctive blurred black and caramel animal-inspired pattern that’s pretty and subtle, shows us how a minimalist design can elevate a simple mani/pedi into a true work of art.

Courtney from Boston, Massachusetts, otherwise known as TheNailArtBabe on Instagram, shows her followers how to create their own tortoiseshell mani at home. She uses a full tortie print on several fingers, and then adds a pop of white on the other nails with a clean, simple strip of tortoiseshell down the middle. The result is a fashion-forward and sophisticated twist on the mismatched mani trend.

Nail stylist and Instagrammer Megan Harrison at @nailmhtech creates an absolutely stunning mani with tortoiseshell tips accented with gold glitter and paired with a delicate, ladylike matte mauve.

Canadian nail artist and Instagram user Hannah Pavan at @NailsbyHan uses just a strip of tortoiseshell design on half of each nail, making this classic tortie pattern feel more millennial and youthful. She uses a rounded tip which complements the retro tortoiseshell and keeps the look clean and simple.

If you want to try this trend for yourself at home, you might want to start small: Do a nail or two on each hand, and then pair the rest of the nails with a neutral shade. (Avoid the super on-trend neon shades so that these high-octave colors don’t compete with the tortie design).

There are lots of awesome tortoiseshell mani designs to watch on YouTube, such as this one from YouTuber WinnieIsAwesome. She uses CND Shellac products to create a versatile and long-lasting tortoiseshell nail design with gold leaf accents.

If you are short on time or nail skills, not to worry. You can cheat by using nail stickers. You can find cool tortoiseshell nail stickers online, such as this option on Etsy from seller TheAcrylicNailShop.

What do you think of the tortoiseshell trend? Do you love it?

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